Lobsters On The Pier

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing this new lobster top that I wore on our trip to Booth Bay Harbor! My Nana has the same top and we thought it would be so fun if we twinned!

While in Booth Bay, we ate at one of my family’s favorite sea food restaurants, The Co Op. I love going here not because of the sea food but for my annual picture with the lobsters! For the last three years I’ve had my picture taken with one of the lobsters and I absolutely love it! This year, I thought it would be fitting to wear none other then my lobster top! This navy top with a red sequin lobster, is from Talbots. Unfortunately, they don’t carry it on their website anymore but you may be able to find it online somewhere else if you’re interested. As you can probably see in the pictures, the lobster was going crazy when I picked it up! It immediately tried flapping its tail and sprayed water everywhere!:) After lunch, we walked the Foot Bridge to town and went in lots of stores! It was such a fun day!


Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope you enjoyed!



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