How I Edit My Instagram photos 

Hi everyone! Today I’m showing you all my tips and tricks for editing your Instagram photos! I recently have been editing my photos and I love how they’ve turned out so I thought I’d share how I do it with you!

This is the original photo that I took in my photo shoot but I wanted to change a few things about it. I like my photos to be bright and colorful and I wanted to try making it brighter. I also didn’t like the poll with the blue flag in the background and the cars.


I use the app Aviary to brighten and correct my photos. I first click on the Enhance button in the lower left corner.


Then I click the Portrait button and it brightens the photo so much!!


Next I use the app Retouch to get rid of any unwanted objects. This app is so helpful and I use it all the time!! I first clicked on object removal and used the brush to highlight the poll with the flag.

Then once the flag and poll is removed I highlighted the cars. The app just put green over the space and made it look normal.

This is how the final photo turned out. I love how bright and colorful it looks!!

This is a final comparison of the before and after of the photos. I definitely recommend trying Aviary and Retouch for editing your photos! I hope this post was helpful and gives you some tips on editing your photos!



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