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Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! I’m so excited for today’s post since it was highly requested! It took me so long to finally get my room just the way I like it and clean haha. With the help from My Pink and Green Garden, I was able to redo my room! I wanted to incorporate some Lilly prints to make my room brighter and more colorful! Before, my room was covered in zebra and I had long out grew that stage. I’m so glad my room is finally complete and ready to share!

On the back of my door I hang all my race bibs from most of the 5Ks I’ve run. Some of our high school meets are small and they don’t give us race bibs but this is majority of them. To the left of my door I have a shelf that used to be my moms when she was my age. We painted it black with a pink stripe to tie all the colors in. This shelf holds most of my awards from soccer, running, and school. For my birthday I received a She Believed She Could So She Did medal hanger that I hang all my running medals on. And in front of the shelf I have two of my foam rollers.

Moving over to the left of the shelf I have my desk. Above my desk is a Lilly Pulitzer cork board that I made myself! I made a step by step post about how to make it, linked here. On my desk I have everything from birthday cards, Lilly agenda, laptop, Vineyard Vines whale hat, colored pencils, sticky notes, pens, pencils, and notebooks. Under my desk I just keep extra school supplies and other random items. My desk chair is just a plain black basic chair.

Then to the left of my desk I have my mirror. My mom helped me paint it pink and black to match the shelf! I keep my book bag right in front of my mirror so it’s easy to access when I’m at my desk. I then have this old holder that I would hang my dress up clothes on when I was younger, that I now use to hold my hats and purses. Next to my bed I have a side table from Bed Bath and Beyond a few years ago that holds some Jadelynn Brooke stickers, a picture frame, and other random items. I keep my “boyfriend” pillow next to my bed so that it’s easily accessible when I working on something while I’m in bed. It helps me sit up straight and not hurt my back. The monogram painting on the wall I made at one of those canvas painting classes with my mom!

I’ve always wanted a white comforter for my bed because I love how you can mix up the pillows for the different seasons. I finally decided on getting this comforter set from a local Stein Mart in my area. I love the ruffle detail! The two blue Lilly pillows from My Pink and Green Garden are in the print La Via Loco and the smaller C pillow is in the print Southern Charm. I planned my room around these pillows and think that they are the perfect pop of color to my bedding!! Her shop has over 70 authentic Lilly prints to choose from and over 25 styles of pillows! The quality is amazing and I definitely recommend them! On my side table I have a lamp, magazines, my bible, and a few books. I made the monogram Lilly letters and the post on how I did it is linked here.

In the next corner of my room I have my jewelry and perfume area! My memo board is again from My Pink and Green Garden and is in the print Barefoot Princess! I had some of my favorite photos printed and put them on the board! That print is definitely my favorite Lilly print and it ties all the pinks and blues in beautifully! I then have two earring holders that my mom made out of picture frames and burlap. I love how easy it makes displaying all my dangle earrings! I then have another whale hat on a light brown shelf. I also have a jewelry holder for the jewelry that isn’t supposed to be sitting out. I keep all my Lily and Laura and Alex and Ani bracelets on one bracelet bar and watches on another! On the other shelfs I have swim suits in one bin and scarves in another! On the bottom shelf I keep books and a yoga mat in front! On the opposite wall I have a monogram canvas that I painted and two cubes with perfume and bobby pins! Then I have a long bar that I have a bunch of Bath and Body Works perfumes on. I’ll probably never run out of perfume!!

Lastly I have my closet and then another desk! I will be doing an in depth closet tour blog post very soon! I use this white desk for beauty related things. First on the wall I have a white wicker mirror and long statement necklaces hanging on either sides. Above the mirror I have a sign that one of my friends made for the Regional Cross Country race. On the desk I have lots of Bath and Body works lotions that I got at one of the big semi annual sales! I have a white acrylic holder for all my nail polish from Marshals. I also keep more of my bracelets on a mini mannequin with hooks. In the Lilly tray I just keep little trinkets. Then under the desk I just store random things!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing this post! My Pink and Green Garden was so sweet and gave me a discount code to share with y’all! Use code “CAYLEIGH17” for 15% off your purchase!!



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