How To Grow And Expand Your Instagram

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! In today’s post I’ll be sharing my tips on growing your Instagram account. Although my Instagram followers isn’t the biggest, I still have plenty of experience! I get DMed this question all the time and thought it was finally time for me to make a whole post talking about it!

Engage On Other People’s Photos

Engaging on other people’s photos is crucial. They will notice if you’re always the one commenting and liking their posts, this can help get your name out there. Make sure that you are always really genuine! Being an active follower to accounts similar in style or content can help people find your account by seeing your name so often.

Use Hashtags

I’ve only recently gotten into the habit of using hashtags but I can tell that they have been helping. Hashtags are practically a free way to promote your posts to people with similar interests. For example, I use #summerinlilly on posts that feature Lilly. People scroll through hashtags looking for similar content and new people to follow. Some of my favorite hashtags to use are #instastyle #whatiwore #ootd #blogger #preppy.

Host Giveaways 

If done correctly, giveaways can be a huge help in growing your followers. I recently did a giveaway for Tory Burch Millar Sandals with 15 other bloggers and I gained over 500 followers. In smaller giveaways I’ve gained 100. These are so fun to do and your followers appreciate them too! For the rules to enter I’ve found that by saying each friend you tag is one entry really helps. This way, more people see your giveaway and enter it!

Post Frequently

No one likes to follow an account that doesn’t post frequently. They want to get a daily dose of that person and their content. I try to post everyday but occasionally miss a day or two. I personally like when people are consistent on posting so I know when to look out for a new post! Start a posting schedule and try sticking to it.

Take Quality Photos

You don’t need to buy an expensive camera to have quality photos. I use my iPhone and it works perfectly! Try taking photos with good lighting and a fun background! I’ve found that the best photos are usually in natural lighting and taken between 10am-4pm.


Collaborating with other bloggers is always really fun. You grow closer with them and get to know them a little bit better! I try to collaborate with two to three different people each month. In a collaboration, you usually both post similar content and mention each other. This is very helpful because their readers and followers get to see your account! Make sure when you’re collaborating with someone they have a similar number of followers so you are both gaining from the collaboration!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post helps you with growing your account!



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