New Years Resolutions Collaboration

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in 2017. Time flies when you’re having fun! I’m looking forward to 2018 for many reasons. I have so many goals and things that I want to accomplish that I get excited just thinking about them. Plus, 18 was always my lucky number growing up so I know this year is going to be extra special.

My sweet blogger friend Faith, from A Pocketful of Faith, is collaborating with me on this post and we are both sharing our resolutions for this year! Our first ever collaboration was this post last year! I honestly had no idea what I was doing, only having written a few posts prior so huge thanks to Faith for sticking with me! We’ve grown to become close friends this year and I’m so glad that I can always count on her! Don’t forget to check out her post here!

I set resolutions every year but sometimes it’s hard to stick to them. I usually choose things that I want to do but I end up forgetting about them a few months into the year. To prevent this from happening I’ve written down all my resolutions and put them up in my room so I can be reminded of them daily. I’m also setting quarterly goals to help me achieve the bigger picture. This will hopefully keep me in line for success because what’s a goal if you don’t have a plan!

My Resolutions:

  1. Read 4 books that interest me (I’m the worst at finding a book and sticking to it!)
  2. Establish a healthy sleeping schedule
  3. Read chapters in my Bible weekly
  4. Keep my room organized (my mom will like this one)
  5. Give my blog a new look
  6. Explore and Travel more
  7. Volunteer more, achieve 100 hours of service this year
  8. Send more handwritten letters, “just because”
  9. Learn to love yoga, and become good at it
  10. Clean out my email box (there are over 6,000 emails)
  11. Keep a jar of “happy moments” to look back at next year
  12. Take time to put out creative content on cnprepster
  13. Organize my photos, I have over 9,000 on my phone
  14. Remember my goals and the big picture

 When I look back on 2018, I want to honestly be able to say it was my favorite year yet. It will come with it’s ups and downs and I’m excited to face them. Even though the calender says it’s a new year, each day has the potential to be a new start. Get out there and live your best life!



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