Finding Your Inspiration & My 2018 Vision Board

Inspiration. You might not realize it but it’s there. We all have something we want to achieve. What makes you get out of bed every morning? What sets your soul on fire? What can you dream about for hours? All of the answers you’re thinking of right now is your inspiration. For me, those are easy questions; my inspiration is being able to run faster times, achieve higher grades, travel to new and exciting places, create amazing content on my blog, etc. Today I’m going to be helping you find your inspiration and channeling it into a fun DIY. Enjoy!

Our inspirations are unique to who we are. Everyone is going to have something different so don’t think you have to follow someone else’s dreams. It’s ok if you’re unclear about your inspirations, everyone has to start somewhere. If you think you know what inspires you, still try this activity to get your mind flowing. Start by opening up a fresh page in a notebook and write down things that make you happy. They can be anything from people, pets, sports, activities, food, etc. When I look at my lists, I’m thankful that I have these amazing things in my life. Try diverting your attention to these things and spend more time doing what makes you smile. You will be so much happier when you do this.

Now that you’ve gotten a better grasp on the things in your life that inspire you, you can turn them into something that will aid as a visual reminder. I decided to make a vision board to help me remember my goals throughout the year. I want to achieve so much this year and this will hopefully help as a daily reminder. It was very simple to make and is fun to do with friends. I invited one of my gal pals over who loves to set goals and we made ours together. It was cool seeing what she she wanted to do this year and how she made her board unique to her. We spent a few hours making them, snacking, and jamming to our favorite songs.

For my board, I “Lilly-ified” it the night before to give it time to dry, I wrote a blog post on how to do this last year and it’s linked here. I then pulled up my Pinterest and typed out a few of my favorite quotes onto a google doc (you can follow me on Pinterest here). I played around with the fonts and colors to make it personable to me. I looked at my New Years Resolutions and found pictures on google that will visually reminded me of them.  Lastly I found some pretty flower and leaf pictures and printed those as well for some fun decoration.

I love how my board came out and would definitely recommend making one yourself!



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