What to Do With your Preppy Stickers

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Since Saturday was National Sticker Day, I thought what better post to do! It’s super exciting to get new stickers from your favorite stores but I personally never know what to do with them! If you are looking to grow your sticker collection, I wrote a post last year on how to get them for free that is linked here! Collecting stickers is lots of fun but they usually end up sitting in a random box in my room. I love finding new places to put mine and I thought you would too! Enjoy!

Flashcard Box

I’m always making flashcards for my vocab quizzes so I picked up this inexpensive box at Walmart at the beginning of the school year. I decorated it with one my favorite patagonia stickers so it’s a little less plain!


I decorate all my notebooks with lots of stickers! The white notebook has a protective sleeve so I stuck the stickers onto a white piece of paper and slipped it inside. You could also reuse the sticker if you didn’t peel off the back and tape it onto the white paper instead! For the coral one, I stuck the stickers to the actual notebook and used the big Chappy Happy sticker to cover the writing that comes with the notebook.


For my computer, I chose my most favorite stickers to put on the front and back side. I put a lot of thought into which stickers I wanted to use because I’m going to have the same laptop for a while and I don’t want to get sick of them easily!

Cork Board

I love how my memo board came out! It’s so fun to display some of my favorite stickers in my room! The only downside to putting them on a memo board is that they have little holes in them from the push-pins. They are still useable for the future but make sure you pick ones that you have extra of or don’t mind getting holes in!


Decorating the front or back of your agenda is always super cute! I posted this photo back in 2016 on my Instagram because I couldn’t decide which ones to use! I ended up not using any to keep my agenda simple haha.

Memo Board

Decorating your memo board with stickers is another alternative to a cork board! I love this one from My Pink and Green Garden! If you’re looking for a memo board, she has beautiful ones and you can get 15% off with my code “CAYLEIGH17”. I usually hold 4×4 pictures on mine but the stickers look cute too! This way also eliminates the hole problem with the cork board!

Sticker Banner

This sticker banner was super simple and adds a cute little touch above my desk! I love that I can easily change out my stickers and use the ones I have hanging. I picked up the mini clips in the dollar spot at Target and I love the glitter detail!

Water Bottle

Camelbaks are my favorite water bottle and I love how they look with stickers! You can customize them any way you like! Mine isn’t too overwhelming with lots stickers but you could definitely put more on and make them overlap!

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and found it helpful! Leave me a comment and tell me where you put your stickers, I’d love to know!



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