DIY Photo Gallery Wall

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m sharing another room decor DIY to fill any empty space on your walls! I know for me, there was always an awkward space above my headboard that nothing quite fit. As you can see in my Room Tour, I already have a bunch of monograms on my walls so I couldn’t just use a classic wooden monogram because that would be an overload. I love decorating with pictures because they all have such fun memories and seeing them is a good reminder of everything I’m grateful for! Looking at this part on my wall always brings a smile to my face remembering the fun times I’ve had!

To start this DIY I selected my favorite photos (I have over 10,000 on my phone, whoops) and ordered them in various sizes using the Shutterfly app. Shutterfly usually offers an app exclusive that allows you to get 4×4 and 4×6 prints for free, not including shipping. The promotions are constantly changing so keep a lookout for what’s free! I ordered lots of prints in the 4×4 size and a few of my favorites in the 8×10. You can order the prints from various places, such as your local pharmacy or Walmart.

I first selected the photos I wanted to use and placed them on my floor. Then I continuously played around with the order until I found one that I liked. I recommend placing similar photos away from each other to make it flow better. I used the 8×10 photos as a guide for the 4×4 and tried to space them out the best I could. Make sure you use a tape that won’t damage your wall, I used painters tape and it works great!

Once you have your first section lined up, continue adding more photos equally spaced on the wall. I found it was easiest to work in smaller sections and start at the top and work to the bottom. Keep adding the rest of your photos until you’re done!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful! I love how my photo wall turned out and I would love to see yours if you create one too, so send me your pics! Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any other DIY requests! The rest of my DIY/ How To posts are linked here!



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