Jadelynn Brooke Rep Experience & Advice

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! It is almost that time of year again when Jadelynn Brooke rep applications are live! I get lots of questions about the rep program and I thought it was about time I wrote a post that covers all the bases! Enjoy!

I became an ambassador for Jadelynn Brooke my freshmen year of high school in 2016 when the program first started. I definitely wasn’t close to being a top rep when I first started. During the first semester only three people used my code, pretty awkward right. As I matured and my account became more serious, my photo quality improved and more people started using my code. I was then asked to be one of six reps to be a mentor for new reps for the past year. As a mentor, I was assigned groups of fifteen to twenty new reps to show the ropes of the program and give them advice. The group chats were always so fun and we talked about everything from goals each of us had for life, new releases, and we even prayed for each other! I loved getting to know these girls and I know we’ll always be friends!

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Texas interning for Jadelynn Brooke!!!! I had the absolute best time ever and I wish I could’ve stayed even longer! I learned so much from the girls, Bob and Jill, and the team members! While I was there, I was able to get a closer look into the brand and learn how the company is run. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that I never realized while being an ambassador. So many people are working hard to send out orders, work with the reps, answer emails, design new items, etc! The whole team works non stop to deliver us, the best brand evaaaa!! I can’t wait to share more details soon, I’m working on a full recap of the trip and will post sometime next week!

I’ve made so many great friendships with the other reps and have gotten to know so many closely. The rep program has given us a common bond and brought us closer together. For example, one of my blogger besties, Molly, has been a mentor with me for the last two semesters and I can count on her for anything! If we met in person today I know it would feel like we’d been friends forever! We text all the time about everything and always freak out when we see sneak peaks of new JLB arrivals during live streams. Faith was also a mentor with me and we are pen pals now! I love writing to her and getting to know her better! I’m guest posting on her blog and Instagram this week while she is away at a Young Life camp! I wouldn’t trade my friendships made through this rep program for  anything!

The famous Jadelynn Brooke rep boxes are everything they are hyped up to be. Each semester JLB sends 3-4 boxes full of the cutest goodies ever!! The best feeling is pulling up to your house and seeing a HAPPY box sitting on your front steps. Usually the first box is the biggest to start you off with the most goods for the semester. They can include anything from leggings, tshirts, confetti poppers, to hats! My favorite part is that it’s always a surprise!

The purpose of the rep program is to spread awareness for Jadelynn Brooke! I discovered it myself through fashion accounts posting about it! As a rep, you are required to post at least once a week. This post can be anything you want it to be, a flatlay, you wearing JLB, or even a picture of a sticker! The goal is to post photos that are enticing and promote JLB creatively that they could repost it on their instagram. I think of repping as a super fun job in the sense that I take it seriously and have pride in the images I post! You want the photos to have a fun background that is well lit too. I love finding new places in my area to explore and take photos! To edit my photos I use VSCO and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Posting once a week can become tricky if you don’t plan out your photos. Over the last two years I’ve learned to take a bunch of pictures ahead of time to keep me from running out of things to post. Usually twice a month I meet up with my bestie Lauren to take our photos together. Finding a friend who can take lots of photos for you is essential! When I’m not taking photos with Lauren my parents luckily will take good photos for me! Jadelynn Brooke sends plenty of items in each box to keep you stocked until the next box arrives. I try to post in the new items because those are the things JLB is trying to promote. I recommend that if your collection is small, only wear one JLB item in each photo you post. This way, you’ll space out your clothing to give you more posts! For example, you receive a tshirt, pair of shorts, and confetti popper all in one box. Instead of using each item for one photo, mix in your own clothing to spread out your JLB items for multiple posts!

Each ambassador is given a personal rep code for 15% off the website that anyone can use. My code has changed every year but it’s currently “CNSHS” 🙂 Jadelynn Brooke doesn’t require you to have a certain number of uses with your code but obviously the more the better! My personality has always been to overachieve and I’m definitely competitive so naturally I try to get as many code uses as I can! As an incentive for my followers to use my code, I promote that I will send free Jadelynn Brooke stickers and a card I made on Shutterfly whenever someone uses my code. This isn’t required by JLB but they already send you a bunch of stickers in each box and most other reps do the same!

When sorting through the rep applications I believe that Jadelynn Brooke looks for someone who is positive, outgoing, and involved in their community. When applying I recommend hyping yourself up and sharing everything you do! They want to get to know you so don’t be afraid to brag about yourself a little! Sharing things that seperate yourself from others in essencial when there are thousands of other applications!! Since you’ll be promoting their products on your Instagram, they definitely keep that in mind too! I’ve noticed from current reps that they look for accounts with good photo quality, frequent postings, and promote a positive vibe. You don’t have to have a fashion account or blog, lots of reps use their personal accounts to promote JLB. You can still apply if your account is private, they’ll just look through your account first. The programs are for high schoolers and girls in college but they have a few middle school reps too.

I hope you found this post super helpful and you feel prepared to apply to be an ambassador! Let me know if you think of any other questions about the program, I’d be more than happy to help you!



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