The Best Workout Clothes & Shoes this Fall

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! I’ve searched my favorite workout stores for fall and put together 15+ adorable outfits that will help you feel more confident while exercising. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when my outfit is put together. By simply wearing athleisure, whether I’m exercising or not, I feel more motivated to slay the day and get my ish together. I also found a bunch of lifestyle and running shoes that are super cute and will give your feet some support! I realize that everyone has a different budget so I gathered a variety of pieces to fit a wide price range. Enjoy!

Old Navy:

Old Navy is killing the game right now in athleisure! They have so many great pieces that go on sale frequently too. All 9 of these items totaled around $210, which is a steal. I love these fun leggings and the tops are so unique! You can always find me running in a sports bra and these would work great!

one |two | threefour | five | six | seven | eight |nine

Jadelynn Brooke:

I am obsessed with Jadelynn Brooke’s fit line! Their leggings are so comfortable, I just got my fifth pair! Plus these three tier leggings will make a statement and will style well with any tee. Plus I can’t get enough of these sports bras with bows and sweet messages on the collar! Make sure you use code “CNSHS” to receive 15% off your Jadelynn Brooke purchase! If you use my code, Direct Message me on Instagram and I’ll mail you free stickers!

ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen |  fourteen |fifteen


Athleta makes such cute athletic wear, I want all of it! Since the quality is really nice, the price is a bit more expensive. I would consider these splurge pieces and only get them if I knew I would be able to wear them often. Just look how unique each of these pieces are!

sixteen | seventeen | eighteen | nineteen | twenty | twenty-one | twenty-two | twenty-three | twenty-four

Dick’s Sporting Goods:

My favorite place to purchase workout clothes is Dick’s Sporting Goods! I can always find what I need and they usually have sales going on. My go-to combo for practice, no matter the season, is a cute Nike sports bra and pair of running shorts! I find it to be the comfiest and I feel good wearing them!

twenty-five | twenty-six | twenty-seven | twenty-eight | twenty-nine | thirty |thirty-one | thirty-two


I was so surprised, in the best way possible, with Target’s workout selection! Everything is so cute and would also make a great outfit for everyday use! I adore the scallops on 38 and 41!! My favorite part about Target is that their clothing is very affordable!

thirty-threethirty-four | thirty-five | thirty-six | thirty-seven | thirty-eight | thirty-nine | forty | forty-one

Lifestyle Sneakers:

I am obsessed with style sneakers for the fall and winter! They are super cute and although they aren’t good for running,  they still give you some support for your daily activities. I love styling these with an athleisure outfit or even jeans with a nice top!

forty-two | forty-three | forty-four | forty-five | forty-six

Workout Sneakers:

Everyone needs different things when it comes to exercise shoes based on how they run. Overpronators need shoes with motion control, neutral pronators need stability, and supinators need cushioning shoes. I recommend checking out a local running store to figure out your running style to see what shoes will help you feel the best. I’ve gathered some running shoes that I’ve heard good things about since I haven’t used them all before. I personally love Brooks and I’m currently training in number 48. Asics have also worked well for me in the past! My biggest tip is to replace your shoes every 500 miles to prevent injuries.

forty-seven | forty-eight | forty-nine | fifty | fifty-one | fifty-two | fifty-three | fifty-four | fifty-five | fifty-six

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and found some new pieces to add to your workout wardrobe! Let me know if you liked this style post and if you’d like to see more in the future!



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