Updated: How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! One of my favorite parts of creating content is the editing process! After shooting a bunch of photos, I select my favorites, load them into VSCO (the best editing app ever), and watch the magic happen! When editing my photos, I stick to a similar recipe to keep a consistent feed. I fluctuate the amount of each tool depending on what I see fits since every photo varies. I’m using my new profile picture to walk you through the steps I take to achieve the finished product. Enjoy!

I love VSCO because it’s free, for the most part, and allows you to do so much with your photos! I say free for the most part since they offer filter packs that you can purchase and are inexpensive. I bought the expansion to the C pack since because I love how it brightens your photos. The app comes with C1 that is comparable to the C6 filter that I used. After adding the filter, I either keep it at +12.0 or bring it down to about +8.0. Then I go through my routine of adding exposure, contrast, saturation, tone, white balance, and skin tone.

& that’s a wrap! Here is the final photo that took maybe a minute to achieve! The simple editing makes a big difference in creating your aesthetic!

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and gained some inspiration for how to edit your photos in the future! Let me know what app you use to edit your photos in the comments!



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