Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions| January Q&A

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Earlier on Instagram I asked y’all to send me your questions for me to answer in an upcoming Q&A! I love writing these posts because they are super easy and y’all get to know me better! Let’s get started!

“Why did you start your blog?”

I was inspired by the small community of bloggers I was following at the time and one day just said “why not?”. Without putting too much thought into it I started my blog and hit submit on my first post! I began my blog as a fun outlet for me to share my outfits and creativity with others. I didn’t really have a plan for it and just wanted to have a place to be myself! I couldn’t be more thankful for taking a chance in that moment and just going for it!

“How do you keep yourself motivated?”

I think that I’ve always been a pretty driven and goal oriented person but everyone has those days where they don’t have the drive to grind. I stay motivated by keeping my goals in mind and reminding myself of what I want to accomplish. It’s super important to set realistic goals that excite you so that they actually motivate you. Surrounding myself with people who work hard definitely inspires me to better myself. I have some really cool friends who are so great and rub off on me when we are together. They say that the people you choose to surround yourself with are usually a pretty accurate representation of who you are.

“Have you started looking into colleges?”

Yes, the excitement and nervousness of college has definitely begun! I’ve been prepping by taking ACT classes and mock tests and will begin taking the real tests super soon! I’ve begun making lists of a bunch of schools with pros and cons of each university to help dissect them. I took a trip to Barnes and Noble with my parents to read a bunch of their college books of the different rankings and it was very eye opening, I definitely recommend it if you’re in my position! It’s so crazy to me how fast college has come and that I’ll be applying this summer!

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

Instagram is my favorite form of social media by far. I follow so many amazing influencers that inspire me so much! I love Dani Austin‘s sense of humor and how REAL she is with her followers. She doesn’t sugar coat anything  and is always making me laugh. Lone Star Southern‘s impeccable style and southern charm make her a top contender on my favorite influencers list. Another favorite of mine is Danielle Carolan. I’m obsessed with her YouTube channel and podcast Gals on the Go so naturally I love to see the style side of her on the gram!

Why do you love the preppy/classic style? Do you think you’ll ever grow out of it?

I think I’ve always been drawn to the preppy style because of how happy and bright it is. I love wearing clothes with lots of color and bold prints. The style has been around for so long and the pieces are very timeless. I can see myself wearing these items for years to come! As I get older I think that I’ll continue my love for it while incorporating other styles. I tend to add some trendy pieces into my wardrobe from time to time. Honestly, as long as the clothing makes me happy, I don’t really care what style it technically is!

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

I find fashion inspiration everywhere- whether I’m scrolling Instagram, VSCO, Pinterest, or even by what my friends are wearing- I seem to pick up inspo in lots of things. I love saving outfit inspo when I see a fun photo I like online and creating looks from my wardrobe from it! Different trends also inspire me to try new looks or pick something out while I’m shopping!

Favorite songs of the year so far?

This year I’ve been listening to a lot of fun music and I’ve been getting more into podcasts! Some of my favs include, Thank you, next, Speechless, Known, This is it, and Magic in the Hamptons. For podcasts, I’ve been loving Woah that’s good, Gals on the go, and How I built this.

Go to outfit for class?

At school you can usually find me in a sweater, jeans, and my New Balances! I love to be comfy but still look put together. I’ve noticed that when I like my outfit, I feel more motivated to get things done! Sweaters are the warmest top and make up most of winter wardrobe so I always find myself reaching for them! Contrary to popular belief, I think jeans are super comfy and wear them all the time! I couldn’t recommend American Eagle enough for their denim!

What is a big dream of yours for your future?

A big dream I have for my future is to open my own clothing company! I absolutely love all things fashion and I’m super into business! I love the social media aspect, marketing, and I have so many ideas for what I want it to be! This is a huge goal of mine and with God’s help, I’m going to do it one day!

Favorite brands?

The brands I find myself wearing the most are Altar’d State, Old Navy, Lilly Pulitzer, Jadelynn Brooke, and Vineyard Vines! I also really love Kendra Scott, New Balance, Brooks, and Nike!

What’s one thing that you bring everywhere with you?

If know me, you know that I bring my water bottle everywhere I go! I’m currently using Hydroflasks and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Leaving home without it makes for a bad day if I’m being dramatic. As a runner it’s crucial to drink lots of water and so it’s just become routine for me to take it everywhere!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and got to know me a little bit more! My last Q&A is linked here!

Love from North Carolina,


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