Life Lately: College Tours, DECA Internationals, Student Council, and more

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! It feels so good to be back writing again! Life has been the epitome of crazy lately and I’m so thankful for all the fun opportunities! I thought since things are beginning to wind down at school I would get back into blogging again! I’ve missed talking with y’all and sharing what’s going on in my life! A lot has happened since we last chatted so let’s dive into what my life has been like lately!

April: Spring break, family, Easter, and DECA Internationals

I started spring break by touring two great colleges, Duke and Elon! I’ve grown up a Duke fan since it’s my moms school, so there was no surprise that I loved it! I’ve been on the campus numerous times while growing up and can definitely see myself as a blue devil! Elon was a new school for me and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it! I love the small class sizes, study abroad opportunities, and the campus atmosphere!

My spring break ended with Easter and my grandparents came into town! It was so nice celebrating with my cousins, both grandparents, and my brother! I read one of the readings during Easter church service which was so much fun! I was so excited to finally be able to eat sweets again since I gave them up for Lent!

After a week back at school I left for a 5 day trip to Orlando, FL for the International DECA competition! Unfortunately I had to miss prom for the trip but it was so worth it! I had SO much fun and loved the group that I went with! My partner and I competed in Entrepreneurship team decision making and worked very well together! On days we weren’t competing we spent time at Universal, go kart racing & playing laser tag, and hanging out by the pool! I had the opportunity to talk to representatives from 5 colleges on my list and was able to get a feel for the schools better. All the information they gave me & questions answered was so helpful!

May: AP Exams, Student Council Elections, Projects, and Sports Banquet

Once we got back from the trip it became a catch up game before AP exams. This year I took AP Environmental Science, AP English Language Composition, and AP US History. I’m not too worried because I studied hard and I know they are just placement tests. I feel pretty solid about them so we’ll see in July what scores I got!

Since our spring break fell right before ap exams we had our student council elections later this year during exam week. This made it difficult for classes to vote and didn’t give us much time to get everything together. I had lots of fun campaigning for Senior Class President with fun posters and a campaign video but unfortunately I didn’t win this year. Luckily my teacher asked me to come back since I’ve been on it the last three years and my position will be Historian. Although I was initially super bummed I didn’t win, I’ve realized that everything truly does happens for a reason and it’s not the end of the world. I’m so thankful to still have a position and be able to continue serving my school!

Since two of my classes this semester had AP exams already, we are finishing the year with fun projects! In my APES class I created a nonprofit for endangered bees with my bestie. We created an Instagram, website, and recently went to the local elementary school to do an activity on bees! I read the first graders a story and then we made paper bees and decorated bee hives! It was very successful and SO much fun! In my APUSH class we are painting ceiling tiles and my group made one on women empowerment! I couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out!

Last night we celebrated the winter and spring sports at my school! It’s always a fun night to recognize the success of the seasons and the varsity athletes with awards and food! I received two more letters for winter and spring track!

I’m so thankful for all the experiences the last few weeks have given me and I’m looking forward to what the next few have in store! Only nine more school days and I’m out for summer! Lots more fun to come! Cheers to almost summer!

Love from North Carolina,


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