Dressing Room Diaries: Vineyard Vines Spring Collection

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! For today’s edition of dressing room diaries I’m taking you to Vineyard Vines! I’m highlighting a handful of my favorite pieces from their new spring/summer line that I think y’all would love! Let’s get started!

Number One: comfy pullover & white jeans

This pullover is super comfortable and cute! I love the cowl neck and the striped print! It can be styled many ways & would be perfect to throw on for colder evenings! I’ve never tried jeans from Vineyard Vines but I was pleasantly surprised with this pair! They are both flattering and cute!

Number Two: seersucker top

This seersucker top is darling! The cut is perfect with the v-neck in the front and back! I love the ruffle detail and the quality of this top! This would be great for any event this summer!

Number Three: seersucker skirt

I’m loving this seersucker skirt! It’s so versatile and could be styled many ways! I think this skirt would be adorable for any event this summer!

Number Four: seersucker wrap dress

I think this next dress is my favorite yet! This wrap style is so on trend right now and is to fun & flirty! I love the reoccurring seersucker theme in this collection and could see myself wearing it both dressed up and down!

Number Five: embroidered dress

I love this next dress because of the pretty embroidery! The shape isn’t the most flattering on my body type but I think it’s still a great option!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and found a few pieces you love!

Love from North Carolina,




2 thoughts on “Dressing Room Diaries: Vineyard Vines Spring Collection

  1. Phil and Jany says:

    Nana and I liked every one, especially anything seersucker which is Nana’s summer fav. She is always trying to get me outfitted in seersucker. I have a summer seersucker sport- coat and I draw the line there. I tell her if I have a seersucker coat and slacks and couple that with a white belt and shoes, I could pass myself off as a used car or insurance salesman at Halloween. Love ya, Papa PS Seersucker looked great on you.


  2. Sophie says:

    I’m normally one to stay away from preppy clothing but I love what you featured. The sea sucker wrap dress and skirt are so perfect for this time of year.


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