DIY Girl Boss Wall

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! In today’s post I’m sharing a super fun and easy DIY that I think everyone needs in their room! I found inspiration for this wall on Pinterest and VSCO from other girls who’ve used quotes to decorate their rooms! This wall turned out so cute and is the best source of motivation and encouragement in the morning! I love the positive vibes and inspiration that it provides me every time I walk into my closet!

This DIY is also pretty affordable and doesn’t take much to achieve. I first started by saving a bunch of inspirational quotes from Pinterest and my favorite Instagram accounts. Then I cropped and reformatted the photos on the Shutterfly app in the 4×4 photo size. They are constantly running unlimited free print promotions on the app and only require you to pay for shipping. I spent $13 on the prints and they came very fast! I plan on placing another order once I find more prints that I love later in the summer.

I first measured how many prints could fit across my wall and then began lining them up on my floor, rearranging the order to see which look best together! I made not to put my favorite ones near the middle of the wall since they’d be the ones you could see best in my mirror selfies! I also paid attention to the color scheme of the photos to make sure they looked well together.

Once I was satisfied with the plan, I began tapping them with painters tape on my wall! I only use this type of tape on my walls to protect the paint and make removal very easy! I also played various YouTube videos to help pass the time! The two hours I spent working on this DIY didn’t feel long because I was constantly entertained and super excited for the project!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration for

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