Best in Planners 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! It’s that time of year again to purchase your planner for the year! They are my favorite item to buy for back to school and the most essential thing to keep my priorities in order! Thankfully school isn’t starting for most of us anytime soon, but I just personally love to buy my agenda ahead of time! I’m bringing this post to you a little early this year because I know how helpful it was for so many of you last year! Let’s dive into my top picks for this upcoming year!

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  1. In no particular order, Sea Shells Custom Planner is first on the list! I found this planner at Paper Source and thought the design on the front was too cute not to share! I love the color combination and the beachy vibes. The only problem is that it may keep you longing for the beach! It’s cover can also be customized with your name, which is a super cute feature. This 17-month planner has a typical interior layout with the standard weekly and monthly spread. The monthly pages seem a little bit lackluster but if minimal is your vibe, this one is a great option! It’s $50 price tag is personally not in my price range for an agenda but it may be a good option for you!
  2. The second on my list is my personal favorite and planner of choice, the Coral Floral Jadelynn Brooke Planner! Jadelynn Brooke planners became my favorite last year because of all their adorable features! They have the most creative monthly pages that are frame-worthy and their newest feature is an activity page to go along each month! It’s obvious how much time and effort Jadelynn Brooke puts into their agendas since everything is thought out to the T. The weekly spread is line-less which I prefer to the constricting lines found in most other agendas. Another great feature is the quotes found on the weekly spreads! It’s also the most affordable planner, coming it at only $29 or $24.65 if you use code “CNSHS” for 15% off!
  3. Next on my list is the Happy Stripe Simplified Planner! This one has the happiest cover with the adorable rainbow stripes. Although this 12-month planner has a hefty price tag of $58, it’s a favorite of most bloggers I know. The thing that sets this planner apart from others is the hourly day layout. Instead of having a blank or lined space to write your priorities for the day, it breaks it down by the hour. I personally don’t need to plan my day to this extent, but it’s a fantastic option for those of you who do need that format! I can see myself using this in college or in the work world when my days aren’t as routine as they are in high school. The other features in this agenda are pretty typical with the monthly layout, pocket, and sticker pages.
  4. Then on my list is the Rifle Paper Co. 17 month planner! I’m always drawn to floral printed agendas so it’s no surprise that this one made my list. The interior is a standard layout with both monthly and weekly spreads. I love the addition of decorative stickers that can be used throughout the planner to spice it up! It’s priced well at $30 and would make a great planner for anyone!
  5. Next up is the adorable Plum Planner! What I love about this one is that it’s completely customizable. You can easily create your dream planner by designing the cover, binding, and layout. This would be a great option for someone who has something specific in mind for their agenda. The prices vary significantly from $25-$55 depending on what you choose. This way you only pay for what you want the agenda to have!
  6. Next is a throwback to my middle school days with the beloved Lilly Pulitzer planner! This agenda was all the rage back in the day before more and more companies came out with their own. It was the perfect amount of space for what I needed at the time but I eventually grew out of it and wanted something new! The layout is standard for most planners with the monthly and weekly spreads. I love that each month is captured with a watercolor print. This agenda runs 17 months and is best in the Large size! I love all the different Lilly printed covers and the sticker pages!
  7. Next on the list is the pretty Erin Condren Deluxe Planner! I love this minimal navy cover with metallic monogram! I love that it includes productivity pages and lots of space to write down any notes. This could help to eliminate the need of an extra notebook and be nice to have it all together! There are also lots of great additions to decorate your planner with stickers and bookmarks! Although this agenda is on the pricier side at $50, I think it’s a great option for the upcoming school year!
  8. The next planner on my list is the classic Day Designer Planner. This classic agenda serves for the standard school year calendar with hourly spreads. I would recommend this planner for someone who needs to schedule their days by the hour. The blue paisley cover is one of my favorites for the season! This planner is personally out of my price range, coming in at $59 but I had to include it since I’ve heard such great reviews by people who use it!
  9. The final one on my list is actually pictured wrong, whoops! The Dog Days Medium Planner is absolutely adorable and perfect for all the dog lovers out there. When I found this one on Paper Source I knew that I had to include it instead of the floral one pictured! Aside from the planner’s unique cover, a different feature is the vertical weekly spreads. I’ve never tried a planner with this type of weekly spread but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it out!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope that you enjoyed and were able to find your planner for this upcoming school year!

Love from North Carolina,


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